Chairman's Address

"To be a high-tech enterprise with global influence in general aviation industry" is the vision of CETC Wuhu Diamond Aircraft Manufacture Co. Ltd. We always strive to achieve the aspiration of “serving the country through industry” with state-of-the-art technology and grow to be the industry leader with excellent innovation ability and strong international influence through “perfect integration between corporate self-development and national policies”.

Over the past 30 years, the speed of Chinese economic development has been remarkable. Ever since the release of “Guiding Opinions on Stimulating the Development of General Aviation Industry” by State Council in 2016, the industry has experienced constant changes. China’s general aviation industry is believed to embrace its scale development soon. It is predicted that the quantity demand of general aircrafts in China will exceed 6000 by 2020, accounting for 12% of the global total demand.

The increasing development of CETC Wuhu Diamond Aircraft benefits much from the support of national open policy and our  two major shareholders (China Electronics Technology Group Corporation and Wuhu municipal government), as well as the dedication, diligence and endeavor of our staff with the corporate core value of "Concentration, Synergy and First".

To build a world-class general aviation manufacturing enterprise is not only the main business but also the core competence of CETC Wuhu Diamond Aircraft Manufacture Co. Ltd. We have established the independent R&D system of high-performance general aircraft based on manufacture of the aircraft type introduced from Austria with high starting point and high standard,  which provides an effective way for enterprise’s sustainable development.

CETC Wuhu Diamond Aircraft Manufacture Co. Ltd will endeavor to promote economic restructuring and upgrade via general aviation cause, creating value for customers and the society, to accelerate the formation of a complete general aviation industrial chain and contribute to the development of China’s general aviation industry through developing a complete integrated industrial development system composed of high-end R&D, manufacture, operation and service.