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Diamond Flight Simulation Training Devices

As aviation pioneers we are used going beyond the expected and have taken flight training to the next level.

Only Diamond Aircraft offers a complete line-up of type-specific flight training simulators.

Operators and students alike benefit from economical practice time, including honing skills for emergency situations that can be scheduled irrespective of weather conditions.

Built with real avionics, high-end visuals and sophisticated instructor operating stations, our simulators increase safety, effectiveness plus offer a cleaner, greener way to train.

FSTD Product Line
FSTD Components

A simulator cockpit

A computer rack containing computers and other hardware and software

A HD projector’s display system including the screen

An IOS cabin and Instructor Workplace including a desk and touch screen monitors

*Without otherwise specified, the above parameters approximate values,based on standard configuration.
FSTD Available Options
Highlights Show
High Degree of Simulation
Original parts of aircraft cockpit

Original aircraft parts including aircraft cockpit, cockpit enclosure, cockpit instrument panel, throttle lever, rudder pedal, crew member seats.

  • 驾驶舱仪表面板
  • 驾驶舱&舱盖
  • 油门力杆&方向舵踏板
Flight data simulation (model) from real Diamond flight data

The flight model is based on data derived from flight test performed by Diamond Aircraft flight test department. The model accounts for various combinations of drag and thrust normally encountered in flight corresponding to actual flight conditions, including the effect of change in aero-plane attitude, sideslip, thrust, drag, altitude, temperature, gross mass, centre of gravity location and configuration. 

The flight model exceeds the FNPT II/ FTD Level 5 requirements by providing a close fit to the performance and handling characteristics of the aircraft. Flight test validation data is available for all QTG tests required for EASA CS-FSTD (A) FNPT II / FAA Part 60 FTD Level 5 qualification.

Original Garmin G1000 Integrated EFIS

The Garmin1000 Integrated Avionics System,specially developed by Diamond Aircraft Industry GmbH and Garmin Ltd for simulator training equipment, is the integrated instrument measurement system  including  integrated flight, engine, communication, navigation and monitoring system.

The Flight Instructor Workplace

LED display: equipped with two 17" touch screen monitors on retractable swivel arms.

IOS software: including map, weather, malfunction and configuration pages which is operated on two monitors,  allows the instructor to monitor, programme, interrupt and freeze the training session, to simulate malfunctions and to review the respective training tasks.

Visual System- Image Generator

The Diamond FSTD comes with the GLOBAL CANVAS image generator (IG). The worldwide resolution of the satellite pictures is 15m per pixel. The image generator can render terrain textures with a resolution of up to 5cm per pixel.

The IG features two-cloud-levels and realistic cumulus clouds. It also includes weather phenomena, such as wind (movement of windsocks), rain, snowfall, and lightning. The standard database includes worldwide satellite image coverage (15m resolution) and worldwide generic representation of airports with "hard" runways. Custom airport models can be created on request.

The image generator contains generic models of all airports with published IFR approaches (Jeppesen ARINC 424 database). Custom airport models can be created on request.

FSTD After-sales Service
With strongly support of CETC Wuhu Diamond Aircraft’s professional team and Austria Diamond Aircraft Industry GmbH, we will wholeheartedly provide comprehensive and efficient service and support for you!
FSTD Global Customer Map
Since the first Diamond FSTD had been launched in 2008, it has covered more than 30 countries and regions around the world, with a total of nearly 110 customers.
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